Centralina’s Plan

Goals for Centralina Mobility Management Project

We hope to create a more livable region that is positioned to meet the needs of all its citizens, including those who are most vulnerable. A regional mobility management program will accomplish a variety of outcomes, which include:

  1. Increased coordination among various forms of transit providers, in order to reduce costs and increase efficiencies to the individual transit systems. Activities to accomplish this include establishment of a regional transit provider group, gap analysis and efficiency analysis of current providers, and the development of a regional transit services website.
  2. Enabling community transit providers to run more efficient systems (particularly as it relates to inter-county transit) in order to meet increasing demands with decreasing budgets. Gap analysis, identification of new grant opportunities, and developing partnerships with other non-profit and for profit agencies in order to build collaboration will be some of the activities done to accomplish this outcome.
  3. Through targeted and coordinated training, transit agencies will have the opportunity to have drivers who are more knowledgeable, prepared and sensitive to the needs of their passengers. Centralina can work with agencies such as the National Transit Institute and the North Carolina Public Transit Association to offer regional transit specific trainings to staff from the provider agencies. In addition, Centralina aging staff can provide aging sensitivity and communications training to drivers and staff.
  4. Examining the entire spectrum of transit options in the region to determine where we can expand service. The biggest area that we will focus on for expansion will be volunteer transportation options.